Dandelion Initiative Review – So Blessed!!

Morag, I had time to re-read bits of your first book and reflect on your extraordinary story. It’s truly incredible how courageous you were post- accident and how you managed to find the gift in your grief, to managing to be in” an eternal state of gratitude”, even though you had to endure such hardship…..how you then adopted the highest spiritual perception of “ it is not what I have lost, but what I have gained”. What also struck me is your realization that God’s plan for your life is greater than your pain; and your breath-taking epiphany at the end; “I have a deep commitment to life”

Marguerite Black – Author of The Dandelion Diary – The Tricky
Art of Walking.
and founder of The Dandelion Initiative -this organisation is geared towards helping ill, disabled and abused children through: Creative Play and Therapy, Child and Teen Counseling and Emotional and Body Intelligence Training.

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