A fantastic review after 6 years in print

Faces and footsteps is an incredible story of overcoming adversity and making the most of the life you have been blessed with.

Reading about your story was an incredibly eye-opening experience. Whilst I have gotten to know you quite well over the last two years, your book revealed a whole new depth to your character and has helped me to understand the circumstances that have moulded you into the wonderful being you are.

It amazes me how you have remained so positive given the difficult and unpredictable challenges life decided to throw at you. Your story has put my own personal problems in perspective; has inspired me to be grateful for these challenges and has encouraged me to do my best to overcome them or to accept and embrace them as a fundamental part of my life.

Your story also preaches forgiveness, love and acceptance of others irrespective of their flaws. A concept many struggle with. May we all draw inspiration from your story and learn to forgive and love all aspect of the people brought into our lives.

Thank you for sharing your story of determination and hope. More than anything your story has reminded me that so many things in our lives are out of our control and all we can do is “take each day as it comes” and enjoy the life we have been blessed with.

Samantha Knobel

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