About the book

Morag on bikeAt 17 I was a teenager with nothing to worry about except what I was going to wear the next day. On June 7, 1980 I broke my neck in a motorcycle accident and life forever changed.

What happened that day and the subsequent “boomerangs” that were thrown at me taught me two things: firstly that the path of least resistance rarely leads to success, and secondly, as long as I wanted something, I had a reason for living.

While I was hospitalised for 9 months I began my journey of self-discovery and a new lease on life. By overcoming the many obstacles that were presented to me I began to love life as I have come to know it. Literal baby-steps were the order of the day as I rediscovered how to walk, talk and breathe again. Numerous operations put me safely on the right path to make my life an adventure of success. I started to move beyond the “if” word and experienced enormous benefit from my new limitations.

Amidst the mayhem, I completed my matriculation and was introduced to the open market as a working class girl with a difference.

One hopes that a single life lesson is enough, but through the years I have found that opportunities are lost if I choose to live in the past and forego tests of compromise and adversity.

Deciding to write this book has been a catharsis. It tells my story. It celebrates people. It applauds life and wonderful chances. I believe we’re not totally shaped by past events. Everything does happen for a reason. The best will come. We can change.

As we set goals within reach and invite success perhaps we’ll unearth who we really are… in my case, Morag, which means “the great one”!