Official book launch at Imhoff Farm

launch of Faces & FootstepsThe weather forecast was rain!
Saturday 1 March, as wished for, in perfect splendour woke up with cotton wool and a pale canvas of blue. I felt like the child who has been hiding behind her hands thinking that she’s invisible and now has to account for her actions.

To make my book launch command attention I chose Imhoff Farm in Kommetjie. A historical Cape farmstead that offers something special for everyone to enjoy. It’s old world, yet original; beautifully situated, yet full of fun; tranquil and popular with locals and far-flung visitors, this spot in the country provides stunning views, first-rate food, organic produce, unique shops, beach rides and animal encounters out of this world.

Imhoff greeted me with a new expectancy. Was I going to deliver delight? Would I bring smiles to faces? Would I inspire? And was the weather going to hold?
Everything was as it should be. Visitors started arriving and took in the enticing aromas and sights of Cape farmstead fun. Exclamations of joy erupted as my classmates of Sans Souci 1980 exchanged hugs like we did in 2010 at the 30 year school reunion.

This is my first book ‘Faces and Footsteps’ – a simple celebration of life. The ‘faces’ being the awesome people that I met on my journey and the ‘footsteps’ being me learning how to walk again. But the ‘footsteps are also those of the faces that journeyed with me and how they too came to rise above adversity, how they also learnt how to celebrate life and learnt to grow victory beneath their feet.

‘Faces and Footsteps’ made its first stop at Imhoff Farm in Kommetjie. My book release was both exciting and terrifying. I seesawed between euphoria and dread. I am a self-published writer, unpublished by an accredited vendor and unproven, launching my personal journey of self-discovery and finding my gift.
How could I possibly compete with established authors and professional writers? Or become involved in a market of influential authors?
I needed a launch that would be talked about! And when the dust settled my launch brought inspiration, surprise, interest. It brought facebook exposure beyond imagining. And this was done by mentioning the event only once on facebook.
And now I am getting ready for the next one?
Northern Suburbs you are next. I am hopefully now well prepared so let another launch begin.


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