My eBook is for sale …

DSC00306The mountain didn’t come to Mohamed so Mohamed had to go to the mountain.

An epic journey of adventure through doors that slowly opened then resolutely slammed shut in front of me. Then there was a window. A window of opportunity; a window to my dream that showed my book on my bookshelf.

My dream to publish is coming true and every cent made through the sale of my book on eBook will be put aside to pay for a printed version of it. Everyone who buys my eBook will get a very special deal on a signed, printed copy once I have them.

So let the window open wide and share in the glow of a dream come true.

I am very proud to announce that my eBook is available for purchase and download at this link. The process is a simple EFT to my account and the price is R90. Please go and buy my book!

Should you want to purchase a hard copy, I have 33 available at R250.00 each. Whatsapp me on 083 948 6723


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